the knots are tied

i’m actually pretty happy at the moment. it’s the first time i’ve felt shallow when i’m happy. haha. the fact that campaign week has ended, i’ve survived a tough public speaking session and managed to ace my first summative (only by the grace of God!) is enough to put me in a pretty ecstatic state.

but yeah. feeling shallow. so shall blog about cute married men. hah. i actually wrote this entry before the summative, but was way too busy to edit it and publish it during the weeks that followed, so it spent some time fermenting as a draft.


there’s something unreasonably attractive about unattainable people. it’s what drives women to scream louder for nate berkus than for ty pennington. it’s the reason why rick springfield wrote a song about “jessie’s girl“.

it’s also the reason why i’m here trying to take my mind off the life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum to present to you…

chris daughtry
chris daughtry

chris caught my eye the very moment he walked into the american idol audition room. most fans would do the ridiculous mentality thing and go “oh pity he’s married” (as if it concerns you la, pfft) but trust me when i say that i was more touched by the fact he took on the responsibility as a stepdad at such a young age (he’s only 26!) because he loves his wife so much.

it’s freaking sweet lah!

i’m pretty upset at the moment because he’s just been voted out and it’s the one and only thing preventing today becoming the *perfect* day (americans are idiots) but i’m very sure he’ll be a successful musician should he opt to pursue it as his main career.

jon bon jovi
jon bon jovi

some people never grow old. not too much anyway.

jon bon jovi is 44, dorothea hurley’s husband of 17 years, a father of 4, and one heck of a good-looking rocker-past-his-musical-prime. this is a guy who has obviously exhausted his musical talent (don’t get me started on how much i hate bon jovi’s new stuff) but looks as though he will beat shah rukh khan hands down in a competition to see which middle-aged geezer can play a more convincing fresh grad.

it’s amazing. he was cute in the 80s, with the pout and long hair, and he’s still pretty darn hot now in his 40s. some people never grow old.

hugh jackman
hugh jackman

i like guys who have short hair and are clean shaven.

*looks at above pics*

oh scrap that.

rob thomas
rob thomas

hands up whoever found the “lonely no more” butt-shaking routine really sexy! marisol maldonado is one lucky woman.

ewan mcgregor

i can think of some really really really rude captions for this picture but shall refrain from writing any of them here. or anywhere else, for that matter. because it’d be right rude. right.

yes! it’s my favourite scotsman! i absolutely love ewan mcgregor. i haven’t seen all his movies, and i don’t care much for celeb gossip. all i know is he’s a fab actor and he’s freaking cute. super freaking adorable.

he and his wife, eve mavrakis, have been married for 11 years and they’re raising 3 kids. can everyone say “awwwwwwwwwwwwww…“?

anyway, since he’s my fave married guy out there – well actually he’s on the top of my “celebs-to-drool-over-for-the-sake-of-destressing” list – i thought it’d only be appropriate to drool over him for the sake of destressing and make a montage out of some of his pics.


long hair, short hair, no hair, lots of facial hair, preppy, grundgy, elvis-h…

i particularly like the last pics in the first and second rows. the first because the full, uncropped pic shows him on a motorbike (he’s done a bike ride from london to new york via asia and canada) and the second because his sweater matches his eyes. really. it’s amazing. it’s the perfect shallow thing to swoon over. woot!

alright. i’ve done enough swooning for now. it’s time to go back to those darned parasites that all look the same. bleh.

do tell me if i’ve missed anyone you think deserves to be here.

*note: omg mei just reminded me i missed out johnny depp! and i also forgot about ryan reynolds! gah!!! how could i have done that?!

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