those five years

i usually make it a point to never regret anything that i’ve done.

i don’t regret the 2 years i spent in singapore although it cost me a part of my scholarship. i don’t regret choosing my church over another church although it cost me a couple of friendships. i don’t regret being in imu although it means having to wait longer to pursue my studies overseas. i don’t regret helping some people out although it means having to give a part of me to them reluctantly.

but i do kind of regret the five years in secondary school when i did close to zero physical activities…unless you count those post-exam shopping sessions at 1U as “physical activities“.

those five years of sedentary living contributed to my hate for pe in college and now i feel as if it’s too late for me to start all over again.

however, i actually want to give it another go.

that’s pretty surprising because i am an egoistic person who enjoys being good at things and usually refrains from things i know i can do, but am not good at. it’s the inferiority complex, what the chinese call “zi bei“. it requires alot of humility and shamelessness to do things you aren’t good at and probably never will be.

anyway, the fact that i regret those five years of inactivity bugs me quite a good bit. perhaps it’s a good idea to start practicing the humility and courage that i have often encouraged others to take up in this aspect of my life.

who knows? maybe i might even get better at it.



had a great time today, at what i didn’t know was the infinity milers’ welcoming party. my total medal tally for my entire 21 years of life is now: 2. lol.


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