incongruent thoughts

last night, i flipped through one of my secondary school yearbooks, in search of the articles i contributed as a member of the editorial team. after jotting the titles of the stories i wrote into the list of my “published work“, i turned to the back of the yearbook, where the seniors’ pages were.

i found myself startled by how…recent the photographs looked. the cover of the yearbook said “memori 2001” but the faces of my seniors, the people i called my friends, looked as fresh as they were 5 years ago. maybe it was because of the flood of high school memories that overwhelmed me as i took in the smiles that were once so familiar to me. i felt like i was back in school again.

it made me wonder: where are they now?

today, as the semester 5 students of imu collected the results of the matching exercise that determined which university they would continue their clinical studies at for the next couple of years, i felt something – similar to the emotions i experienced last night – flow over me.

it made me wonder: where will they be?

last night i was thinking about the past. tonight, i find myself worrying about the future. well, not so much worrying, but more of a longing to find out how it would be like. my seniors have inched a step closer towards the future that i want to run into and embrace at this very moment. it frustrates me that i am still here, in the present, without anything except the faith that God is in control and there is nothing i can do but be humble and acknowledge that completely.

where am i now? where will i be?


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