noodle-ish update

…and so gi is over. the eos looms. ticktockticktock.

i have been careful about the stuff i’m eating lately, mainly because i am not exercising and will most prob not be exercising much till eos is over. despite the fact that exercise gives me the kind of energy boost that nothing else can (other than chocolate perhaps), it doesn’t really register in my mind that that means i should devote *some* time to my running shoes and not think of that hour i spend in the park as an hour that could have covered the lecture notes on pathophysiology of emphysema.

anyway, i’ve been watching what i eat. but this girl still needs her red meat, sandwiched between two sesame buns and topped with onions, pickles (yum) and some nutritionally useless iceberg lettuce. so last week i popped by an old haunt, mcds, and grabbed myself a quarter pounder with cheese. but only because i couldn’t get myself a mushroom swiss thanks to the closure of my li’l town’s burger king.

red meat

didn’t matter anyway. cow meat rocks. mmmmmmmmmmm…!

well, there’s just 5 weeks till eos (ticktockticktock) but i felt like i deserved a bit of a break. bugged a couple of friends, but in the end it was just charlene and i on the lrt to dataran merdeka to watch the international buskers’ festival grand parade last night (sorry mei!).

busking balloon

it was hot, crowded, and i got nothing but a whole bunch of really lousy pics that will require tonnes of photoshopping that cannot be done anytime soon cuz i have bloody eos (ticktockticktock) ahead of me…

*deep breath*

…but it was still pretty good. charlene got to see kl in a different light, and i got to put my camera to work again. bumped into a friend’s brother, as well as the office boy from my secondary school (who wants a chinese gf; char and i backed away slooowly). he made a comment that made me feel like i should be pondering more upon it and maybe come up with a vincent-esque blog post about malaysia or something: “event macam ni biasanya takde orang cina datang.

hmm. maybe if i weren’t so swamped with medical theory.

after the buskers’ parade i went out for supper and had cheese naan. bloody naan kept me awake all night, so i thought, ok might as well watch the manutd boro game. just as i was falling asleep, stupid morrison just had to score an equaliser so i had to delay my going to bed. crap. nvm at least manutd won.

today, after being very sleepy at church, i went to help out with the cookies&cakes baking session for the santa jerome orphanage. they made the baked goodies that will be on sale during the christmas food fair in imu next wednesday.

we had tonnes of fun licking shortbread mix off our fingers and putting sugar hearts on the cookies. which taste fabulous, by the way. only we know why.

the secret ingredient

alrighty. rotations at gombak tomorrow. wish me luck!


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