i should get paid for this

*note: this is an advertorial. it was in no way voluntary, and i expect some kind of payment after this. thank you.

who knew that this guy, whom i wrote about here, and who finds stuff like this and this amusing, could be one half of the duo that finished second in the 5th annual imu national health sciences debate 2006, and freaking emerge overall second in the speakers’ tab?!

good grief.


congratulations prasad and hai liang, for being the first imu team in nhsd history to make it to the final, finish ahead of uitm1, and emerge from all the debate drama still looking very sexy indeed.

oh and girls, if you need their private contact numbers so you can…

(a) shower them with praise
(b) request to give prasad’s head a rub
(c) stalk them and send them flowers, chocolates and decapitated teddy bear heads

…feel free to leave a comment (yes it’s a sneaky way of whoring for comments, shh!).

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