it’s hard

it’s hard to study in the library when it’s devoid of stressed-out sem5s who burst into 10-min-long stretches of noise every 2 hours or so. they were all out celebrating stephanie‘s bday yesterday. i don’t think i managed 5 lectures without them around. haha.

it’s hard not to get excited about worshipping God when there’s this many people there at one venue at one time.

i just wonder how many of them took home the real message of God instead of just getting caught up in the music, lights and jumping around.

it’s hard to be content with being single when i go to a jazz bar featuring a male singer with a gorgeous voice, belting out the most romantic tunes. true, i was there for a night out with the girls, but when the music started playing, i just felt like leaning back into someone’s arms and maybe doing a bit of a dance right there next to the bar.

i could never understand how people can listen to jazz and not want to get out of their seats and move to the music. you can never just watch jazz. you have to feel it. crazy people passively sitting down with drinks in their hands.

it’s hard to not shake off that tired feeling when you’ve got the joy of the Lord in your heart. i found it easy to have a great time yesterday despite the silence in the library (!), my head thumping with every beat of the drum at planetshakers and wishing i weren’t with “just the girls” at alexis last night.

it was amazing how that cranky feeling went away gradually throughout the day.


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