a secondary schoolmate of mine, lisa, got married over the weekend. when the news of her engagement first shook my little world of secondary school friends a year ago, some of us were forced to take another look at our futures and the choices we make that will eventually lead us to the person we will spend the rest of our lives with.

most of us, however, were more preoccupied with how young they are. lisa’s my age and her husband is just a couple of years older. i have no idea how long they were in a steady relationship, but we were obsessed with the fact that she’s only 21. way too young, some of us mumbled, who knows what they’re doing?

but today, when i was in the middle of (yet again) expressing my disbelief that a girl i went to school with is now betrothed to someone, chuen said, “there are only two reasons why people don’t get married: they’re either not sure if their partner is ‘the one‘ or they can’t afford to get married. clem and lisa are sure, and they have the means to support themselves. so age isn’t an issue, really.

she made it sound so simple.

of course it isn’t exactly that simple, but what if it is far easier than what alot of us make it to be? it’s horrible that i judged them so fast based on their age when age has nothing to do with it at all. the only points worth considering is their committment to one another and to God.

i just feel like the world can’t be as sad and miserable as it seems (earthquakes, floods and eos, anyone?) if it’s still possible for two people to fall in love and make a promise to live out their lives together.

it’s enough to turn a cynic into mush.


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