somethin’ amusin’

something funny (to me, anyway) happened a couple of days ago.

some friends and i met up for supper at a mamak known for its absolutely delicious naan. one guy we were waiting for was running late and i had classes the next day, so i got up to leave.

just as i was leaving, the guy we were waiting for showed up, with 3 other people. they were all schoolmates i haven’t seen since goodness knows when, but it was impossible to not recognise them. since i had to go, all we managed to do was exchange some pleasantries and wish each other good night.

one of them is a smoker, and he brought out a cigarette to light. at exactly that moment, i turned to him and said something. he immediately took the cigarette out of his mouth and hid it behind his back, as if he were a child trying to conceal something bad he had done.

it’s been 4 years since i was the head prefect. as much as it was my duty then to keep things in order at school, it certainly isn’t my place now to judge people’s behaviour based on their habits. it was surprising that i elicited such a response from my former schoolmate eventhough we’re now out of high school and the old boundaries or whatever no longer apply.

i just think that was kind of amusing.


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