the compulsory new year’s eve post

it’s the end of 2006, so i shall mechanically do what other bloggers do and go through a rundown of what’s happened over the last 365 days.

it’s actually just an excuse for me to read up old entries and reminisce a little. heh.


*after a very long deleted post*

this has been a very very good year for me. at the beginning of the year, ps tim challenged the church to look for open doors and take full advantage of them. i can’t say i’ve really done that, but i can say that everything that’s happened has encouraged me to stop thinking so much and just take every opportunity that presents itself to me, whether or not i am confident of being able to claim it as mine.

despite the deterioration in my grades at uni, my first bout with unrequited feelings in goodness knows how long, the many instances where i know i’ve let people down (i’m sorry – there’s no excuse for how irresponsible i’ve been) and the bitter lessons i’ve had to learn but did not share with anyone…it’s really been a good year.

perhaps the biggest thing to happen to me this year is the gradual building and moulding of what i want my future to be like. i now know my ultimate goal, what i need to do to achieve it, the weaknesses i need to eliminate to reach it and the people i have to learn from in order to make my dreams a reality. it is incredibly daunting and the procrastinator in me, the one responsible for my irresponsible behaviour, isn’t making it any easier.

i’m looking forward to the next year. it means leaving a whole lot of things behind and saying goodbye to friends who have been instrumental in 2006, but it’s a new season of independence from the old and a renewed dependence on God.

i’ll leave you with some of my favourite entries of the year. it’s not so much blowing my own horn as it is to share what i feel were key moments and thoughts throughout my journey in 2006.

that was a very corny sentence.


the book, not the movie – “brokeback mountain“, possibly the most heart-wrenching novel i’ve ever read.
nice” and “nice-r” – most amusing conversation of the year.
secret divine secrets – my fave bits from “the divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood
a question of faith – with pride in the heart, there is no room for faith. or is there?
fat facts – this one is to blow my own horn. i just like the organisation. lol.
the knots are tied – my fave shallow post, evah! am totally against lusting after married men though. even guys with girlfriends are off limits to me.
home – i haven’t taken a walk around my neighbourhood in a while. sigh.
5 reasons i should stay off the pseudo pitch – i love futsal. the 2007 imucup gold is OURS!
lishun gets a root canal, pts 1, 2&3 – one good thing about this was getting plugged by vincent. haha.
in the company of winners – i wouldn’t want to lose the vice-presidency to anyone else.
summarising mt.k – climbing mt. kinabalu and living to tell the tale.
every 6 months – …i take the train down to singapore. i can’t wait to go again!
signs you’re getting older #256 – the many things one learns from “one tree hill“. haha.
digital memories – m206 orientation – some of the best pictures i’ve taken. love ’em!
deja vu all over again – yes, i am aware of the redundancy. that’s the point. my england is powderful, ok?
the one that got away – no regrets, just daydreams. =)
how have you changed? – an appropriate post to end the year.

happy new year and have a blessed 2007, everyone!

now, can someone tell me the best spot to watch fireworks from all 5 new year celebration venues?


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