day 1 of 365 of 2007

“it’s been a long december and there’s a reason to believe
maybe this year will be better than the last
i can’t remember all the times i tried to tell myself
to hold onto these moments as they pass”
long december, counting crows

december just flew past. it always flys past. somehow time seems to think it’s necessary to accelerate as it approaches the end of the year, as if it has slowed down too much through the summer and has to make up for lost seconds, minutes, hours. i’ve never had a long december.

or maybe it’s only the last 2 decembers that have gone by so fast thanks to the anxiety and anticipation of my exams. i don’t know.

all i know is that this year i will lose the novelty of being a 21-year-old and move on to being the much older-sounding 22. not really looking forward to that. there’s a chinese saying that girls are most attractive between 18-22. things aren’t looking up, huh? lol.

anyway, let’s take a look at the countdown…



to m204 (i’m gonna miss y’all!) and m205 (see you in sem4!):

gambate! =) oh and happy new year!


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