there are people who put a greater value in material things than other stuff like principles and character.

there are also people who will continue arguing their point just to prove they’re right, even if it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

some people will go the opposite direction of what they know is the correct path as an act of defiance or spite.

others take things so personally that they find it hard to forgive someone after that someone has said something offensive that he or she can’t even remember anyway.

there are people who always underestimate themselves but, in the process of trying to make up for their supposed lack of talent, end up improving eventhough they’ll continue to simmer in low self-esteem.

besides that, you will meet people who are so pessimistic and cynical about life that they actually enjoy being pseudo-victims of the cruel cruel world and take pride in being able to “suffer” through it all.

some of them are aware of what they’re doing. most of them aren’t. it’s not your job to judge them or dismiss them just because their views are not the same as yours. it’s not your responsibility protect them from the inevitable consequences of their actions. you should not feel bad if they want to learn things the hard way.

but it doesn’t mean you should stop looking out for them. after all, you care for them, don’t you?


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