“i’ll never know what makes this man
with all the love that his heart can stand
dream of ways to throw it all away”
gravity, by john mayer

i know i’m in the midst of my exams and i am stressed as anyone could be, but i can’t help but blog about this song because i love it so much.

the first time i heard it was on an episode of “house“. it was the last song of the episode “cane and able” (#3-02) and the moment i heard it, i knew i just had to find it. i replayed the end of the show several times to get the lyrics right, then googled the lyrics to find out what the title of the song was.

gravity“, by john mayer. described as the most important song he has written, it is probably the best song i have ever heard. it’s right up there with the other greats of the music world. the emotion is unmistakable, the honesty, the life in the words…it’s magnetic.

i couldn’t tear myself away from the song, and i still can’t.

have a listen to the song and take a look at the lyrics. i have no clue as to what they really mean. all i know is this is one of the best songs ever.


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