things to do

considering i spent the time after exams yesterday running errands at the bank, sleeping at home, praying at church and then watching the “project runway” marathon on discovery travel and living, i should plan out my holidays so i don’t spend each day like a loser. let’s start with a list of things to do.

immediate action:
1. file my notes
2. tidy up my room
3. spring-clean my wardrobe
4. clean my car
5. get a haircut

1. think of story ideas and do some writing
2. do research on crest so i won’t be a blur sotong when i go for electives
3. draw out a plan of action for acquiring RM50,000 in sponsorship for charity run (gah!)
4. get my ass off the chair and run 3km every other day
5. go for saturday street feeding at petaling street

in the hazy future:
1. go to singapore, visit museums, see scholars, tjc pals, and classmates
2. do a touristy tour of kl and take tonnes of pics
3. visit another local destination
4. service up my old bike and go cycling
5. watch house season 3

that’s a good start, i think?

anyway, going off to camp tomorrow and sunday. see you back here on monday!


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