no apology

while vincent blogged about people apologising too much, i have a peeve with people who don’t apologise at all. especially people called…oh, my father.

he lost the camera i took important photos with. what did he do? he scolded me for not using the other camera. no apology.

he turned the computer off while i left it on to download some stuff. what did he do? he said he doesn’t know what the heck i do with the computer anyway. no apology.

those are really small things that i can forgive him for. those are ridiculous things that i have pretty much caused as well. but he didn’t freaking apologise!

and i hate that.

i’ve forgiven my father. those things aren’t worth dwelling on anyway.

but it doesn’t change the fact that i dislike people who don’t admit their mistakes. it has nothing to do with whether or not he’s older than me, or that he’s my father, or some person of authority. he was wrong and he never even said the words “i’m sorry“. nothing at all.

i love my father because he’s a great father in terms of fulfilling his duties as one, but he’s not a person i would ever be friends with.


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