after all this time

even after so long, it still hurts to talk about it. i guess it’s because it’s my fault and the perfectionist i am finds it so so hard to leave it all behind.

i have forgiven myself. i also do not have any regrets. but it’s something that people won’t stop asking about and it’s something my parents won’t stop explaining to people who won’t stop asking.

thank God for friends who understand when i say, “it’s a long story“.

it is a long story. don’t push me to tell it.

anyway, i’ve been busy with my electives. it’s not as if i have alot to do, it’s just that office work, even if it’s helping to save the world in a teensy weensy way, is extremely irritating and leaves me drained despite me sitting on my butt all day.


oh, and to the 5 people who read this blog regularly: i’ll be baach. soon-ish. ciao.


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