phone-y fancies #1

question: what do you do when you have lots of stuff to blog about, lots of work to do but not much time to do anything at all?

answer: post up pics taken by your trusty k750i.


cloudy telekom
i was driving down the federal highway one morning and caught sight of the low-lying clouds around menara telekom. i am a hazard to road-users everywhere. haha.

joey the bane of my life
joey. pharmer. dancer. irritating-er. i’ll miss her. =)
p/s: was that a good asyraf impersonation?

me and...chui han.
i got her name right this time! haha.

debbie's bad shot
i live to embarrass my friends.

pwease luv me?
how could anyone not love a face like this?

runner girls
me, flo & jo. we pwned 8.4km at the wangsa maju run and have medals to boot!

view from the top
i just liked how the people looked.

thani doin' the salut!
the mother of all debates: thani’s arm vs prasad’s reason.

an everyday view
for more than a month, i spent 14 hours a day in here. gawd. i’m such a loser.

cheat tool
this, ladies and gents, is why handphones are banned from exam halls.

pinks stripes
pat & i just happened to show up for lectures in similar shirts. haha.

shy shan
shy shy shanny

that’s all for today, folks!

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