phone-y fancies #2

question: what do you do when you get your car scratched by a girl who was obviously in the wrong but you had no energy to argue with her in the middle of a traffic jam on the federal highway because it’s gonna be your word against hers and vice versa and you were on your way to have icecream with your aunt and cousin?

answer: post pics taken by your trusty k750i. again.

here we go!

charmaine's sweetums
charmaine’s daughter, hannah, chomping down on some raw maggi mee.
she is officially the most adorable little girl in the world evah!

sleeping swen
the swen bomb sleeping.
guest appearance by dawg.

creepy doorway
the infectious diseases ward at the jheoa hospital, gombak. love the lighting.

semi-abandoned baby
i forgot this baby’s name. he had multiple congenital disorders,
a permanent frown on his face, and the most lovable countenance.
his parents weren’t with him when i was there. being orang asli, it was difficult tracking the nomads down. i heard his parents eventually joined him a couple of days after my group left.

me and jeremy c's cookie
jeremy cheah decorated this cookie. it was delicious. haha.

oi! eos!
waiming, chunpeng & kennfoong playing, God forbid, DOTA in the library!

jo the monkey
jo the pomelo monkey.

chow chow’s superman tie. love it.

dawg on books
dawg on books. the case files series rocks, btw.

the God-forsaken christmas pudding
the story of this christmas pudding can be a blog post of its own.
so i will blog about it…next entry. promise.

ambience at alexis
greg lyons + a lychee martini + one slice of fruit trifle + a large candle = bliss!

i love volkswagen vans. love. this one brought images of scooby and shaggy conversing in spanish portugese while playing street football in the alleys of brazil.

this kid looks rather bewildered. cute, but bewildered.

what's this?
the first person to guess what this is will be entitled to a free mango special at murni’s.*
*terms and conditions apply. see comments.



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