that ol’ feeling

you know guys like that. they’re on television, romantic comedies, novels with titles like “letters from heaven” or something equally corny. in those, they have names like lucas scott, max evans, or something equally unremarkable.

they’re smart, caring, sensitive, artistic, chivalrous, sweet, loving, totally hot and too good to be true.

only problem is, there really are people like that. after all, movies, books and novels model their characters on actual personalities and situations. the problem with them being real is everyone‘s a sucker for guys like that. everyone, including yours truly.

it is really easy to get perasan around these guys. they’re just so nice. however, every girl should understand that if someone who isn’t nice all the time expresses his interest by being particularly nice, then someone who is nice all the time would express his interest by being particularly nice-r by a million times in comparison to how he treats everyone else.

so it should be much easier to differentiate between the normal niceness and the added extra punch of niceness, no? i mean, i’m intelligent and mature enough to tell the difference, no?

apparently not.


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