You complete me

jerry maguire“, and every other romantic comedy out there, is evil. that one single movie has spawned what may possibly be the corniest romantic line out there – “you complete me“. oh good grief.

so okay fine, i’m being a hypocrite here. i find that the guys i have liked in the past had qualities that i don’t, which means that i was, subconsciously, looking for someone to complete me.

eh i can bake, ok?

well, make that consciously, because i remember a time in high school when i distinctly told myself that the only reason i had a massive crush on a friend was because he was everything that i’m not. he was confident, ridiculously intelligent and had a half-empty kind of look on life while i suffered from an inferiority complex, relied on being hardworking and was too optimistic for my own good.

anyway, the point is that the whole “you should be complete first” thing is relatively new to me. i’ve mostly thought that my future husband would be the one to make me whole; i never figured that i should be a whole person first, work on myself first, before i will be able to give and share with someone else.

spot the “iloveu”!

it was only when ian brought up the topic of relationships sometime ago that he mentioned how important it is to be complete ourselves than to have someone else fill in the gaps. it made alot of sense then and, when it was brought up again during cf today, it still makes alot of sense now.

so there’s still no lovey dovey schmuckism for me this year. it’s getting a little worrying (22 liao…sobs) but it hasn’t prevented me from having fun and continuing on my journey to focus on being complete in Jesus instead of listening to what the world and “jerry maguire” has to say.

jeremy fionna eeleen me sarah

happy valentine’s day, everyone.


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