ever since my cousin got me interested in the colour green, i’ve been looking for an emerald green, floor-length halter dress to go to the ball in. in case i don’t find one, i’ve decided anything that isn’t black will do.

last week, while searching for the compulsory new red top to wear on the first day of cny, i went into a store and saw a pretty-but-not-beautiful, non-black dress on sale. i tried it on and it looked kinda good on me. it fit just right, made me look taller than i already am, and was within my budget.

i didn’t buy it right there and then, though, for two reasons:
1. there were a couple of flaws that i could fix but might not be bothered to, and
2. i still wanted my perfect emerald green, floor-length halter dress.

just last night, i spoke to evie about the dress. i told her that while i wanted the perfect dress, the really great one that will both stand out and make me look stunning in it, i was also afraid that i may not find it and if i don’t buy the non-black dress soon, it may no longer be on sale or even be on the racks and i may just not have a dress to wear.

it seems a little like looking for a life partner. i want the perfect man, the one God has meant specially for me. along the way, i meet guys who have good traits that i like, but they’re not the one i’m looking for. yet, i am afraid that if i keep searching for the perfect man instead of settling for the good man, i may not find him ever and won’t even have second-best to fall back on.

this morning, my sister went back to the store with me so she could help me decide. she agreed that it was a good dress at a good price and she urged me to get it. she told me that i could easily alter the dress later to fix the flaws and that i should just buy it while i can instead of continue the search for the green dress.

my brother-in-law was outside the shop while we were there deliberating whether or not i should make the purchase. i couldn’t help but think of him and wondered what my sister was thinking when she decided he was the man she should marry.

torn, i handed the cash over the counter and took the dress home.


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