down the waterfall, wherever it may take me
i know that life won’t break me when i come to call
she won’t forsake me
i’m loving angels instead
– “angels” by robbie williams

i don’t exactly recall when it happened. we were still together then.

although some of us had left our homes, we still saw each other pretty often and we took every opportunity possible to just meet up, go shopping, sleepover at one of our houses and then drink wine and chat till streaks of orange appeared in the sky.

we had already turned the lights out and the five of us were just lying near each other, talking about one thing or another while music played in the background.

it was at that moment that “angels” came on. the conversation petered out and we all fell silent, listening to the words and the music, waiting for the crescendo and guitar solo in the middle to fill the dark room.

i don’t exactly recall when it happened, but i remember what i was thinking.

i prayed hard for that moment, with us lying there quietly, to never end. i wanted so much for us to be close forever and be worry-free. i didn’t want our lives to ever become complicated with disease, conflict, broken hearts, disappointments, loss of faith; anything that could keep us apart. distance could never keep us apart, but life very well could.

of course, eventually the song ended, we fell asleep, had breakfast together in the (late) morning and went our separate ways.

i’m not sure what the others were thinking that night as we cleared our heads of the gossip we were indulging in and just let the song completely surround us.

i hope they managed to capture the pureness of our friendship that seemed to exist only for those few minutes and i hope they still keep it close to their hearts.


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