…are angpow money-suckers.

i only brought RM100 with me to the warehouse sale yesterday, and i spent RM101 (thank God for loose change!) on 5 books:

the picture of dorian gray” by oscar wilde
the year of yes” (ooh chick lit!) by maria dahvana headley
anansi boys” by neil gaiman
the green mile” by stephen king
the god of small things” by arundhati roy

out of the above, i’ve already read the last two, i’ve heard enough about dorian gray and anansi boys to want to buy them, and since i’m on holiday and it‘s getting to me, i decided to buy a novel about a woman who gets more dates in a year than i’ve ever had in my life. lol.

i usually don’t buy books. i stand strongly by the opinion that books are meant to be borrowed – from the library, the rent-a-book shop, the (non-working) cousin with a *shockhorror* monthly book allowance. it’s only after i’ve read a really good book and want to have a copy of my own to read over and over again that i buy it.

only once in awhile do i indulge in a book i’ve heard enough raving about from friends or whoever, and once in an extremely bright blue moon do i actually fork out cash for an impulse buy. i’m stingy that way.

anyway, now that you know my book-buying habits and that i love reading but hardly buy books to read, i would like to inform you that my birthday’s sometime in june and i would really love the following books…



ok i really need to go work on my booklist. the endocrine timetable‘s out and it’s thursday and i only have one more week of holidays left and i am not looking forward to classes and i will have no more time to read stuff anymore so i’d better get cracking kthxbai.

p/s: i’ll be loading up on more cash to buy more books at the warehouse sale. saw a couple more books that can go on my “impulse buy” list. anyone wants to go with me…gimme a buzz!


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