this is what procrastinators do on sundays when they’re supposed to be out saving the world or doing the will of God or anything else remotely significant…

9am: wake up
10am: sex and the city 1X01 & cereal
1pm: sex and the city 1X06 & noodles
5pm: sex and the city 2X01 & quick jog around the park
6pm: shower
7pm: dinner consisting of pizza, fried chicken & cheesy sausages
9pm: justin timberlake, chick lit & pineapple juice that i wish wasn’t (get my drift?)
11pm: prayers & lights out

…and we wonder where the time goes, we repent for our sins, we resolve never to do it again.

can you spell HEDONISM? just reading the above disgusts me. sigh. i really should crawl under my blanket and never come out again.


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