carbonara disaster

so, lishun the non-chef decided to tackle fettucine carbonara just because she had extra bacon in the defrost shelf and a can of cream of chicken and mushroom. she followed the recipe, the kitchen smelled good…

…and it all fell flat.

the recipe called for 250g of butter. pfft. yeah, if you want clogged arteries! the sauce ended up swimming in a pool of oil that i had to painstakingly remove ladle by ladle. yes, you heard me. ladle by ladle.

then, the fettucine was undercooked. you have to forgive me – it’s my first time making pasta all on my own. besides, doesn’t “al dente” mean firm in texture so some chewing is still required? i had to chew the fettucine! heh. ok fine. lesson learned.

so after tossing the pasta with the oily sauce, i added the eggs and the cheese and tossed it again…and gave it a taste.

taste-wise, it was fine. everything else wasn’t, though.

oh well, i did write about making mistakes and learning from them, right? the next time, there’ll be evaporated milk in the sauce, much much less butter, more herbs and the pasta stays in the boiling water (with olive oil added at the end) a little longer.

a huge apology to my victims at church who had to gulp down a mouthful or two of my carbonara disaster because i pretty much forced them too. oh, and also a big thank you to victor gan for being hungry enough to finish whatever balance there was left in the tupperware. lol.


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