my mother’s got beautiful, non-chinese eyes. she inherited those huge peepers from my grandfather, whom i highly doubt had a pure chinese heritage. there is no way those eurasian features came from a 100% hokkien family. no way.

i can totally forgive the laws of genetics for not giving me my mother’s fair skin, lovely voice and long-suffering personality, but i will always feel a little short-changed for not getting her eyes.


they weren’t kidding when they said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.

these pictures were taken from “grey’s anatomy” 3X01. this was the moment right before mcdreamy told meredith that he loves her (again, that *censored*):

this was when mcdreamy told meredith that he loves her (that handsome creep!):

could you tell in which picture he was smiling? could you see the change in the emotion, how much more love and adoration there was in the second picture?

here’s how his face looked:

you know how you know if someone loves you? their eyes say it all. their face softens, their eyes become more…molten. like dark chocolate. it’s obvious. and it feels great if you catch someone giving you that look.

i once thought i saw that look in someone’s eyes. i was mistaken, of course, and the years that followed were painfully filled with moments of me continuing to see things that weren’t there.

i know better now, but once in a while i find myself subconsciously searching for that look again. hopefully i won’t be mistaken a second time.

the best thing about wearing contact lenses:
entertaining my vanity.

the worst thing about wearing contact lenses:
having people come up to me and saying “hey you look tired” 20 times a day. grr. stupid eyebags.


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