an easter community service announcement

do you think that, if we watched this over and over again, we’d be desensitised?” she asked me as we picked up our bags and got ready to leave.

i shook my head.

yeah, i don’t think so either.

i couldn’t bring myself to keep my eyes on the screen showing clips from “passion of the Christ” last friday, especially during the scene where the nails were driven into Jesus’ hands. with disregard to the historical inaccuracies (crucified criminals were nailed at the wrists, not the palms) and the fact that it was my second or third time watching the movie, i just could not bear it.

too painful. too violent. so different from the pretty picture most christians paint about the love of God and the salvation that Jesus’ death and resurrection brings. why be bothered about the ugly side of the crucifixion? why not just preach peace and goodwill to all mankind?

throughout the scene, i kept thinking, “that should be me. that should be us.

i know that it’s easter sunday and it’s a time of celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and hence fulfillment of His purpose to reconcile us to God. however, it’d be defeating the whole purpose for us to never really understand the extent of the sacrifice, the significance of it all.

God’s love is not a romantic serenade but the ultimate act of love – death, on behalf of us, so that we may be spared to be reconciled to the Lord. His mercy is unfathomable, His love beyond our imagination. how undeserving we are and yet He came for us anyway.

it still overwhelms and humbles me. it’s a reminder of really how small we are, how small i am, and how big God is. so where is the space for pride, unless i am shortchanging my God of His place at the throne? how can lust still occupy a corner of my life if i believe that Jesus is Lord?

easter is a celebration of the victory over death that comes when we believe that Jesus Christ died as a clean, pure, innocent sacrifice in order to redeem our lives but then rose again on the 3rd day after His death. it’s as simple as that and yet the underlying message is a truth that will continue to overwhelm me even with repeated screenings of the movie.

be joyful that salvation is a little child, believing the truth unquestioningly and following the way. but also remember the price that was paid for it. only then can you really appreciate what easter is.

happy easter everyone!


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