icecream at 2am

i’m sitting here, sans makeup, hair down, dress off and comfy t-shirt on, gulping down whatever’s left of my chocolate sundae while typing this post.

the ball was pretty alright. no collection of extra money, there was a nice goodie bag on every chair, my dress was nice, i didn’t straighten my hair, and although i did get a pseudo-date by the end of the night (not-from-sarawak-jem lol), he spent the time talking nonsense with me instead of checking out girls in nude backless dresses. well actually there weren’t any girls in nude backless dresses but that’s not the point.

so it was still good although, like my secondary school prom, the absence of the best girl friends made my heart ache a little.

anyway, i’ve finished my sundae and i need to get the last remnants of makeup off my face. it’s back to being a plain marionette instead of a pretty one, but i’m a little happier now.


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