my favourite things

prayers in the car. mudslide cocktails. puppies licking my face. long emails from friends. good eye contact. metaphors. inside jokes. unusual chord progressions. handmade gifts. new textbooks. bits of wisdom from my mother. short jogs at the park. thick peanut butter sandwiches dunked in milo. long drives home. football statistics. trivia. sarcastic authors. sand between my toes. large amounts of storage space. cute telly doctors. trips to singapore. bkt. maggi mee tomyam. cleo magazine. accidental brushes. a crisp white shirt. estee lauder pleasures. hairwash at the salon. gil grissom. solo museum expeditions. glam rock. antique cars. cuddles with my dog. whiffs of aftershave. irony. emo indie. empty stretches of road. spontaneous icecream outings. sucker punches against liverpool. dimples and triangular smiles.

adding to this list makes me really happy.


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