so come

when i first held you i was cold
a melting snowman i was told
but there was no one there to hold before
i swore that i would be alone forever more
oh wow look at you now
flowers in the window
it’s such a lovely day and i’m glad you feel the same
to stand up out in the crowd
you are one in a million and i love you so
let’s watch the flowers grow
flowers in the window by travis

yesterday, i opened up the book charlene gave me for christmas for the first time. i’d heard of the book before, about how john and stasi eldredge really managed to capture what it really meant to be a woman in their book “captivating“.

i don’t read books like that. i hate being told who i should be, what i should be doing, no matter how much i fit in and seem to be striving to please. who are you to tell me what i’m supposed to feel as a woman, anyway? i know who i am, i know what i like, so freaking buzz off already, thanks.

here’s where the “but” is supposed to come in. there really isn’t a “but“, mainly because as much as i found some parts of the book uncomfortably accurate (don’t touch that wall, don’t you dare), i found other parts waaaaay too corny for my taste.

still, i’m not here to be a cynic and a wet blanket like i have been in my last couple of posts. there were some passages in the book that got my spirits up enough for me to put a travis cd into my car cd player and actually sing along to “flowers in the window“. i even put the song on repeat. that’s how much more high-spirited i am today. God knows how to cheer His people up, even if it’s through a book that’s half devastating truth and half chick flick.

doesn’t change the fact that repro’s on friday and i’m nowhere near done. doesn’t mean i’m all sugar and butterflies now (am listening to nirvana as i’m typing this). but it does mean i don’t feel like clamping my jaws onto your neck anymore and it’s safe to come talk to me.

so come.


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