for a moment

i’m twenty two for a moment
she feels better than ever and we’re on fire
making our way back from mars
100 years by five for fighting

i have a habit of remembering birthdays and then forgetting about it on that day itself. just a couple of days ago, i recall typing out a text message to a friend in russia, only to find i didn’t have his russian cell phone number. so i made a mental note to send him an online greeting. and promptly forgot…till 5 days later.

fine, forgetting your friends’ bdays may not be a unforgivable, but forgetting your own?

it was to my horror yesterday that i realised i had forgotten that it’s my birthday today. i fell right into a junior’s “what’s your favourite cake?” trap and only caught on a couple of hours later. as a consequence, i received a pleasant (genuine) surprise after my lectures when, walking out of the lecture hall, i was greeted by a bunch of my church kaki belting out a birthday song and presented with a cake that said, “happy birthday mommy“.

omg. i’m a mommy. lol.

anyway, birthdays are but for a moment. 24 hours times 70 isn’t a very long time in an entire lifetime. that’s probably why my family’s always been against parties and doesn’t believe in celebrating an insignificant annual event like a birthday.

still, i’m extremely grateful for God who created me, my mother who cooked mee sua with two eggs and one chicken drumstick (just the way it should be done), my father who continues in his silent love for me, my sister who spent a year making a rug for my birthday (it’s orange, with a dog on it), my brothers and sisters who took time off their studying to go get the cake and relight-able candles (haha too bad i noticed – lishun knows all lol), my friends who called/smsed/wished me…

thank you all so so much for making this moment, although it repeats itself every 365 days and lasts all of only 24 hours, a moment that will still park itself in my memories. God bless you all. =)


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