to the little red dot

i’m grateful for this weekend; no matter how haphazardly put-together it is, despite for the first time i have no concrete plans, and regardless of the fact that i am putting alot of responsibilities on hold for this.

it’s escapism, i know. singapore is my hiding place, my very expensive hiding place, where i can zone out at orchard library, waterfront, chijmes, clarke quay. over there, i am far from the soft eyes that haunt me in my daydreams here, far from meetings, textbooks, obligatory phonecalls. escapism isn’t healthy, but i’d rather have singapore in place of sleeping pills, alcohol and whatever else people get into just for a moment or two outside reality.

so i’m braving the 10-hr train ride in a seated cabin and very possibly a pathetically broke situation, just so i can go to that place i miss so much, meet up with people who spend far too little time with me, and worship at the place where i really found God for the first time.

bye malaysia. you won’t be missed for the next couple of days.


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