there are a few things on my mind. i’m just not sure of how to communicate them. properly, anyway.

of all the things i’m doing now, i don’t want to do that anymore. it sucks.

everyone plays favourites. even my dog – she obviously adores my father most. some parents may do a good job at hiding their preferences, but i believe they still have their own favourite kid among their children. me? let’s just say i don’t buy food for any tom, dick and harry. but it bothers me…what about the ones that aren’t favoured? by playing favourites, i’m leaving them behind. i’d like to think that someone else might pick them up, but what if no one does?

i didn’t go to the national library. i didn’t go to orchard. i didn’t shop. but i did get to spend time with friends. i ate enough icecream to last me a couple of months. i watched people do supernatural things with fire. i got to go to my old church. it was good.

am i doing the right thing? i intend it to be casual, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it is. i supposed this feeling of being a liar to myself, to God, is a sure sign something isn’t right. and yet it does seem right sometimes too…

you don’t need the answers to all of life’s questions
just know that He loves them and stay by their side
love them like Jesus.

it’s been a week of wrong timing. singapore. kyle. ashley. bleh.

that’s it. nothing to see here. run along now.


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