late notice

if you know me, you’d know that i loathe tardiness.

as someone who gets ready 45mins before the appointed time of meeting and leaves the house 10mins earlier than usual when i have to be somewhere, i expect people to do the same.

i will understand if an overturned lorry caused mayhem on the usually quiet road you took on the way. i will not hold it against you if your daughter suddenly started vomiting the moment you put your shoes on at the door and you had to tend to her first. you’ll even earn extra brownie points if you called to inform me about the delay or apologised sincerely for being late.

but to give excuses like “the bus isn’t here yet” or “sorry, traffic jam” (at 7pm!) or “malaysian timing mah“…that’s just total utter nonsense. you could have left your house earlier. you could have called.

and malaysian timing?! those two words should be erased from our vocabulary forever!

all the waiting (“i’m on the way!“) and the calling (“sorry, i just woke up“) and the wasting of time just anticipating the arrival of others (“you go ahead first, i’ll catch up“) has seriously made me reconsider even giving a damn about punctuality.

why get all stressed about being there on time for someone else when that person gives a clear “you are not a priority” message by being late? why bother? if you’re taking me for granted and you’re taking time for granted, i might as well play along and take you for granted too.

you’ll be patient. you’ll accept my half-past-six apology just as i have accepted yours numerous times, won’t you?

well, one day i may just get tired of it all and not forgive your tardy ways anymore.


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