unreality television

you know the world’s gonna end when 34% of malaysian youth (those with enough free time on their hands anyway), when asked which reality television show best depicts their lives, vote for “my (super) sweet sixteen*.

in case you have no idea what the show is about, it tells of the drama behind the planning of a sweet sixteen birthday party, usually that of a daddy’s girl from an affluent family. highlights include the trauma of picking out a new car, the frustration of choosing a hot escort to the party and dealing with a best friend who is vying for attention as well. oh woe.

owh. mai. gowd.

when exactly did my generation morph into one where we can relate to spoilt princesses getting all bitchy about daddy choosing the hummer over the cute porsche because he didn’t want her in a flimsy sportscar? how on earth can our lives be best depicted by a television show that only does two things:

1. put a kind of a sarcastic twist on how money has made our lives so much shallower
2. make people envy other people with that kind of lifestyle

how can 34% of broadband surfing teens actually say that their lives are represented by a show like “my super sweet sixteen“? was i asleep while everyone suddenly became twice richer and twice shallower?

i am too distraught over this polled opinion to even come up with a properly constructed blog post. it’s just so unreal to know that my peers define their lives as one big drama where “unfair” means not getting that iPod they wanted or not being able to have a themed birthday party or whatever.

good grief. when did we stoop to these levels? when?

* taken from results of an online poll conducted by R.Age and published in the pullout on wed, 18th july 2007. it can be found on page 5 in the “online” section in the article “get real“. the next 5 tv shows with the highest votes are, in descending order: laguna beach, miami ink (!), the hills and chaotic (feat. britney&kfed). really.


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