going potty

i foresee a long, sleepless night ahead…

i may be quite “ketinggalan zaman” as far as harry potter fans are concerned (the book only reached my hands 2 hours ago cuz my sister got first dibs on it) but i don’t care.

i just cannot believe that right now i am reading the final book of the entire harry potter series and lots of things are going to happen and i am super super super fighting the temptation to flip through the pages to know how the story ends and i am so scared that i will fall asleep before i finish thus making me unable to talk about it over brekkie with my sister in the morning and she will be super taunting me with threats of spoilers gah gah gah.

ok. back to the book.


i swear i will kill anyone who leaks spoilers. seriously. i will. i am a future doctor. blood and gore do not scare me. i will subject them to casino royale-esque torture first. then i’ll kill them. so don’t spoil it for me. don’t. you. dare.

*edit at 1728: just finished the book. am pretty satisfied. will save comments till other people finish reading too. go read it! it’s soooooooooo much better than the last two sorry excuses for books.


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