a friend of mine came across this blog yesterday and she commented, “wah from the few entries i’ve read, i can tell you think alot and are very deep.” lol. i guess she never read any of my “i’m shallow” posts.

then i realised…i haven’t done one of those in ages! oh no! have i seriously forgotten how to let loose, have fun and relek?

so today is dedicated to carmine giovinazzo aka danny messer on csi: new york. i love him even more than ever now that danny’s finalleeeeeeeeeeee gotten together with lindsay. sigh. though a part of me wishes she hit it off with mac instead. but noooooooo mac had to fall in love with the medical examiner with the british accent. grr.

still think i’m *ahem* deep? lol.

i tell ya…it’s the blue eyes, glasses and laugh lines that get to me. sigh.

oh and before i go: dslr + macbook + bass guitar = super ultimately sexy chick magnet. lol. get yours today!* bwahahahahahahahahaha.

*note: only works when all three are present. haha.


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