sound bites

when i see a tshirt with something witty, cheeky, flirty on it, the first person i think of is you. maybe it’s a habit from those many years; you were the one i thought of every moment of the day for so long that now, even when it’s not like that anymore, my mind jumps straight to you anyway.

i’m glad it no longer hurts when i think of you, but i would rather be safe than sorry. so now i ask if the shirt comes in women’s sizes and i buy it for myself. or i just leave it on the shelf and let someone else have the pleasure of owning the shirt that had your name written on it.

we talked a little about our old diaries last week. i don’t keep a personal journal anymore, not since i’ve become comfortable here. in the years to come, i will regret the decision to put my pen and notebook away, but for now this is enough.

i’m glad to know that i was a typical teen living in a tiny world. i guess at that age, pride occupies the heart more than anything else.

if there were a reason to be grateful for growing up, becoming more mature and being humbled every day would be a good one.

ps steven: (serious) lishun ah? i want to ask you a question.
me: (cutting paper) yes?
ps steven: when you’re cutting the paper right…
me: (still cutting) yeah?
ps steven: are you thinking of cutting up your patients?
me: *stunned*
ps steven: (to himself) i know i’m good…

she’s going to spain to touch some lives and maybe come back a changed woman. i pray for rain to refresh her in the scorching heat and the moon to light her path as she does Your work. Lord, use her and the team to the maximum, bless them in their journey. be glorified through them, through their works, through her.

protect Your daughter. bring her home safe.

oh. em. gee. i am going to start sem5 next week! let the countdown to eos begin. gah!


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