i live, i breathe

i almost forgot this song. it was at the tip of my tongue all week and finally, last night, i found myself subconsciously humming it out loud while driving home. it’s a song i heard for the first and only time at everynation singapore, yet it has remained with me after so long.

during this time when words are hardly sufficient to express what’s in my heart and in my head, the music is doing the talking for me instead.

i didn’t deserve Your grace
i didn’t deserve Your mercy
but still You took my place because You loved me
and for You, it wasn’t enough to save my soul
to set me free and to make me whole
You had a plan for me, a destiny for my life

so i live to bring You glory, i breathe to bring You praise
You paid the ransom for me and You took away my shame
You said that You delight in me and i know Your word is true
i live, i breathe, i love to worship You

now i receive Your grace
now i receive Your mercy
and i want to be like You, to follow Your heart
and for me it isn’t enough to take Your name
and accept Your gift and remain the same
i wanna honour You, to bless You all of my days

i hope you’re as blessed by the song as i was when i first heard it. =)


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