an invitation

you’re invited to a pity party. you have qualified for this event because:

(a) you constantly feel sorry for yourself.
(b) you blame God for putting you in that situation.
(c) you think no one understands you eventhough you’re surrounded by people who constantly offer their help.
(d) you refuse to listen to advice.
(e) you refuse to act upon advice that you have agreed with.

and on top of all that, you think the right way to deal with things is to avoid, ignore, judge the situation as hopeless, and expect miracles without doing a single thing. after all, you fulfill criteria (b), where it’s God’s fault anyway. why continue praying in faith, why continue reading His word, why continue working on building yourself up?

isolate! that’s the key!

so yeah. welcome to the pity party. you can stay as long as you want but i promise you that when you decide to leave, you’ll have a much better time than you did while you were there.

i don’t know who to apologise to.

yes, it’s true that i’ve been in a similar situation, but the difference was that although i whined my friends’ ears off, i listened to advice and i decided i wasn’t going to waste my God-given life and talents by feeling sorry for myself. i had been doing it for far too long anyway.

i’m sorry if i seem insensitive or if i have come across as someone who has forgotten what it’s like to be in a valley instead of on a mountaintop. the hard truth is that i acted upon what i felt God told me to do. i chose to listen to Him. i made the choice to get my sorry butt off the chair and do something.

i’m sorry if i’m being hard on you, but i simply cannot understand how someone who keeps claiming she’s doing everything she can is actually doing nothing at all. and expecting special treatment too. there’s only so long that i, or anyone else, can hold your hand before we have to let go…for your own good.

the journey is yours to take. the decision is yours to make. God can lead you to the right path through the people He has put among you, but He can’t force you to walk. well technically He can, but it would totally defeat the whole purpose of creating you.

anyway, i don’t know what to say to you because i’ve already said pretty much everything that’s been on my mind. short of risking offending you, that is. that’s what’s going to happen the next time i open my mouth on the issue.

if you read all this properly, never once did i say that coming to my senses meant the problem went away. it didn’t. but doing something about it instead of carrying on feeling sorry for myself was a step in the right direction that God had shown me.

so help me understand why you would choose to not do anything, because seriously? i think you’re out of your mind.


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