theory of relativity

i cannot deny that it is an absolutely confusing matter, one that has left me torn for a long time. on one hand, there is absolute truth, God’s standards, black and white. on the other, there is relativity, today’s standards, grey areas in between.

who gets to determine what’s right and wrong anyway? i may not agree with what you say but we are different people with different viewpoints so as long as no one gets hurt, it’s okay. why don’t you respect my opinions? difference situations warrant different responses. there is no such thing as an absolute truth.

the conjunction “but” is the best friend someone with no convictions can possibly have. i believe in this, but i also think that in this circumstance, it’s alright to compromise. i have no need for friends like that, but how else can i engage with people if i don’t conform to their standards? i know i shouldn’t dress that way, but i think i look good in it and i don’t see the point of guarding others’ eyes and minds.

i know the only standards i should be living up to are God’s standards. so what do i do then about the fact that i look good in tops that bare my shoulders and back? what’s wrong with wanting to look good? i don’t care about lecherous people.

i enjoyed reading “brokeback mountain” alot, eventhough it romanticised homosexuality to the point that it no longer seemed like the perversion it is in the bible. i mean, we’re still human, regardless of our sexual orientation. who am i to judge?

i know how to protect myself from leering perverts. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with sympathising with the gay community.

but there is no grey area in the bible. it doesn’t say things like “you should do this, but in the case of this and this, do that. however, if this, this, and this happens, do the other step instead. or do what you see fit.” there is no relativity, no compromise, no conforming to principles set by man.

what there is, though, is firm words of guidance, acts of mercy and lives saved from death. there is love, instead of the guilty knots in my stomach everytime i watch a maroon5 video. there is gentle rebuke, instead of the condemnation in my heart whenever i check a guy out like he were an object.

why choose the world’s theory of relativity when the absolute truth of God releases me, gives me free rein to say “no” to anything that may stumble me and resist anything that will cause me to fall. why choose to risk it in a gamble that may win me friends and worldly success but separate me from God?

it certainly doesn’t seem worth it.


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