the mayfly, after living as a larvae underwater for several months, survives for just one day as an adult. its sole purpose is to breed, to propagate its species, then it drops dead. like a fly.

which prompts me to wonder – does it feel anything in the last few moments before its death? the main reason why it dies so quickly is because its lacks a mouth, which does not allow it to feed. it literally starves to death. does it die with a rumbling in its stomach? or is it in the air one moment and lifeless on the floor the next? is it even aware that it doesn’t have the luxury of its day in the sun?

i wonder why people still get themselves involved in relationships that will obviously go nowhere. sure, the initial feeling of “wow, this is nice” must be a driving factor in there somewhere, but the very fact that the relationship has no real purpose other than to have an arm to loop yours with, someone to spend your prepaid credit – and possibly hard-earned tuition-teaching/coffee-making/table-waiting money – on makes it all seem so very temporary.

why begin when you know it’s going to burn out in the end? once the novelty fades away, do you then allow it continue for the sake of continuing? when you realise that you’re both starving to death, do you keep on flying because…well, because?

i believe the mayfly feels its impending death. if it had yet to fulfill its short purpose of procreating within those short hours, it will instinctively just fly faster and search harder until its little body runs out of energy and it slowly falls to the ground.

at least it has no prior knowledge of its lifespan, it did not will itself to be born as a mayfly. it did not choose to be sucked into a life where the soaring lasts for just a moment before it is returned to the earth once more.

i wish i could say the same for you, who have chosen to begin a relationship that you know will soon end at the departure gate or at the close of a tired argument.

even the mayfly has it better than you.


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