evil keyboards

so…does that mean a lack of blogging material can be attributed to evil keyboards? hmm.

i do have alot of things on my mind, none of which are actually related to what’s going on with me. my friends have problems, my family has its own developments, the world is in a dire state, i have some theological questions that need pondering…i guess i’m involved in all of them in an odd detatched manner, but right now it just feels as if i’m outside a glass door, looking at the things happening to everyone else. just an observer. or advice dispenser. or intercession prayer-er. or whatever.

or maybe i do wanna get involved, but am much too lazy to ask the questions that will get me through the door and right in the midst of action. or maybe i just don’t care. perhaps i’ve caught the bug of apathy and post-modernism or whatever’s wrong with the world today. or, in a twist of irony, i care too much.

i dunno. not really in the mood for anything deeper than what’s on the surface. maybe if i say i’m going on a hiatus, something will come up, hence forcing me to sheepishly retract my statement and start thinking and writing decent stuff again, considering that’s what hiatus-announcements often lead to.

haish. whateverlaaaaaaa.


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