deceiving yourself, deceiving others

as a child, my mother would teach me chinese idioms to make sure that my non-chinese-educated self at least had some knowledge of the richness that is chinese literature.

one idiom she taught me was 自欺欺人, which loosely translates to “deceiving yourself, deceiving others“. it is used in context of being in denial, refusing to acknowledge that you are indeed deceiving yourself about a certain situation or person or whatever, when in reality, you do know better.

i like this idiom simply because it correlates well to the saying that “you can fool the world, but you can never hide from God“. it reminds me to not consciously put a veil in front of my own eyes but instead choose to be humble and accept that actually the only one i have been really guilty of lying to is God.

will you do that too? will you stop bluffing yourself and throwing aloof statements at people when they question your motives? will you end the cheating? have you ever thought of the people who trust you to tell the truth and acknowledge the actual situation? when will you stop making others your alibi, thrusting them unknowingly into the role of being the “check and balance“?

when will you stop deceiving yourselves, deceiving others and deceiving God? when?


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