a much-needed laugh

today, i am ill. that means more procrastination on the revision, some E!, one or two episodes of jamie oliver, cups of disgusting herbal tea and lots of on-the-couch napping. it doesn’t make me feel any less crappy, but at least i have an excuse to force myself to chill. gotta be ill to chill. urgh.

anyway, the last couple of days have been filled with guilt-trips, difficult non-conversations, feelings of impending lost friendships, restlessness, some disappointments and alot of reining in my temper. it’s just been exhausting emotionally and, as it turns out, physically too.

what surprised me, though, is the people who ended up caring for me were the ones i’d least expect anything from. it was nice and it added a whole new dimension to my new policy of just getting out there and doing my best and not having any expectations about the kind of responses i want from the people i expect them from.

having said that, i found my laughter a little hollow for the last couple of days. a matter of trying too hard to lighten up and not be a sourpuss when i really did feel like my good ol’ antisocial emo self who likes to pretend she doesn’t need anyone in the world wide world.

which brings me to today, and what may be the lamest, most hilarious savagechickens cartoon yet. the laugh i got from this one was much-needed, much-welcomed, definitely genuine and it’s gotten me in a good enough mood to want to share.

hope you guys have a nice day.


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