christmas. again.

somewhere along the way, christmas has become a time when people get stressed about getting the presents delivered on time, freaked out about family reunions and nosy relatives, depressed because they still don’t have a special someone to cosy up to in front of the fire or, for me at least, a time to get overwhelmed at the amount of studying i still have to do.

it’s even harder to get into the christmas spirit now that my sister’s house has been broken into and the guilt of seriously not wanting anything to do with the festivities at church or anywhere else is slowly creeping into my life. the internal battle rages while every second, i consciously give it up to the One who’s in charge. but the battle goes on. and on. and on.


i guess it’s time to do a monty python and look on the bright side of life. my sister’s handling the situation well, my cousin’s coming for the christmas production, i still have 10 days to kick myself out of the dean’s list, i have a quiet christmas dinner at home to look forward to, i opened two pressies early and love ’em both (thanks ian and zhx, i couldn’t help myself!) and while i still don’t have a special someone, i can rest assured that i will never fall in love with my best friend’s husband, like this fella did (well in his case it was his best friend’s wife, but whatever), because i’m not stupid that way:

sigh. all i wanna do is watch ridiculous christmas romantic comedies all day. falalalala to me.


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