my best shot

i guess everyone gets pre-exam jitters, even those who have gone through the 400 sets of notes 3 times and can do a full gastrointestinal system physical exam in 4min30sec (so there’s 30sec left to answer the examiner’s questions), blindfolded. i guess it’s only normal to get a little freaked out as the number of days remaining till my finals commence steadily decreases.

i guess i’m pretty blessed to only have exams at the moment to count as my life’s storms. there will be more to come – tougher, longer and more trying ones. if i break now, how on earth am i gonna go through the rest of my life?

might as well fulfill my promise by giving my best shot and staying in my safe dwelling place in life’s storms, no matter what they may be.

p/s: let me be annoyingly optimistic and say…6 more days till we’re done with eos! =)


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