the compulsory new year’s eve post #2

no, i’m not gonna go blow my own horn and come up with a “best of” list like i did last year – mainly because i’m still kinda bummed at how i didn’t do my absolute best during today’s exam and partially because i’m not amused at the quality of my writing this year.

bad, emo, scarily honest entries aside, i guess 2007 still deserves a quick look-back.

although i can’t really pinpoint any real life-changing moments, i am amazed at the subtle ways God has used each and every occasion to teach me, guide me and reveal His nature to me.

going forward with the appeal to jpa was probably the biggest step of faith i have ever taken in my life. although i lost the appeal, i experienced what it was like to obey the stirring of the Holy Spirit and maintain steadfast in the promise that His plans are to prosper and not destroy. the lesson to be learnt? that He is good, no matter what.

the many times God has led “difficult” people into my path taught me to stop relying on my limited experience and vocabulary when listening or talking to them, and to ask Him for the right words and right things to do. He gave me grace to love them and i am humbled that He has chosen to show them who He is through me.

for the coming year, i am burdened to pray for my family. this has somewhat to do with the little tiff i had with my father a couple of months ago, when God pointed out that i have yet to surrender the issues i have with my relatives to Him. it shocked me a little when i felt challenged to pray for my father, especially, while at a prayer meeting one night. i asked God why, and He assured me that investing my faith into prayer for my family will be worth it.

it frustrates me still, at times, when God’s answers seem more like brand taglines more than anything else – “just do it“, “impossible is nothing“. it is even more difficult to break my pride and accept that i don’t get to determine when He fulfills His promises, or how. it’s hard to see beyond results that aren’t there or people with poisonous tongues and stubborn minds. it takes an effort to recognise His sovereignty as Lord, yet it is strangely comforting when i do.

there will be alot of challenges in 2008. the journey through clinical school is bound to be a tough one and i know there will be alot of changes to my life, my family, in the days to come.

at least in the midst of all uncertainty, i can be sure that my Lord will be right here with me, just like how He has been with me throughout 2007.

happy new year, everyone. may you have a blessed 2008! =)


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