just waiting

a sign from God. a knight in shining armour. things to happen. testing times. eternity. the seed of passion. the world to change. a window of opportunity. a revelation. the fulfillment of a promise. my turn to be whole. directions. my time to shine. great things to come. doors to open.

it is the waiting, the mundane, the times in the valley where you feel like you’ve asked for all you could ask for, you’ve tried the very best you can, you’ve done what you’ve been entrusted to do, that will show if you choose to let self-pity get you down or you choose to hang on stubbornly and have faith that whatever you’re waiting for will come.

not in your time, but in His beautiful time. not in the way you want it to be, but in accordance to His will.

as an impatient, result-oriented person, this reliance on Him can only bring about one of two outcomes – either i begrudgingly settle for whatever little my limited ability can achieve, or i rest in believing that He knows best.

i’m waiting for so many things that i wonder if i’m asking too much and doing too little. sigh.


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