a laugh on sunday

it wasn’t that long ago when i had a list stretching beyond 15 items. admittedly, almost half of the attributes listed were physical, while the other requirements dealt with character. hardly anything was about how i should be treated, but i guess i never really cared for the princess treatment.

as the years went by, the list has shrunk to a single phrase, made popular by a friend of mine – “loves God, loves me. fears God, fears me.” i still crack up just thinking about it, wondering if that’s me lowering my expectations or in actual fact raising them to an ideal.

when i found this gem of a find from found magazine (eh?) i couldn’t help but laugh out loud. the person who submitted it didn’t know what it was, but i knew. i loved the fact that the handwriting appeared to be of an adolescent’s and that it was as specific as the list i once had.

i had a bit of a giggle this morning when i stumbled upon this again while sifting through some old files in the computer. it’s a reminder that God has a sense of humour, that i am not merely a cocktail of doctrines and ambition. there is space to laugh, even if it’s at myself.

this is going to be a great day!


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