the real reason

okay, then let me ask you something. what is gonna make you happy, peyton? is it how you look or what car you drive or the people you know? is it money or celebrity or power or accomplishments? because i have all those things and i don’t think it’s enough.

well then, what is?

love, i think. and that love can be from a boy or a girl or a place or a way of life or even from a family. but where you find it is up to you.

– from “one tree hill“, ep501

there are a few things about one tree hill that i like enough to go back to the show over and over again.

corny lines, like the ones above. silly plots, like the chris keller episodes. irritating characters, like dan scott, who just wouldn’t die damnit. unlikely couples, like skillz and bevin. great music from bands like jack’s mannequin.

but the real reason i stay hooked to this show is the irresistibly cute guys. especially this one:

james lucas scott. sigh. doesn’t he just take after his father?


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